A selection of 35 photographs from early travels.

Through the square, black and white window he has drawn on the world, Denis Olivier takes the time to meditate on the beauty and fragility of the world.

The recreated universe becomes strangely other, mysterious, silent, like a distended void that teaches us the meaning of time, space and silence beyond the human scale.

It is then necessary for him to watch, patiently, for the sought-after forms, the forgotten presence of men, abandoned there, sometimes for a very long time, unchanging, frozen in this same silence.

To include them in stripped landscapes, occupied by a stolen emptiness, making live in an intense way the slightest details, the slightest traces, like so many signatures left by the past, which, even solitary or immobile, remain intensely.

Through the timelessness, the density of the elements and the atmosphere remind us of our limited status in creation, so little measurable in everyday life, calmly inviting us to meditation, to an imaginary journey full of contemplative wandering.

Prints price range from 450 euros to 650 euros.


From Saturday 2, June 2007 to Sunday 24, June 2007.


Public access, no invitation required, Friday 1th, June 2007 at 6 p.m.
Solo exhition
L'Androne gallery
June 2007Solo exhition
L'Androne gallery
June 2007Solo exhition
L'Androne gallery
June 2007

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