Warning For a few years, I realized and produced some exhibition projects that had meaning for my work, the speakers or visitors. Being on other busy projects, I decided to stop without time limit. Nevertheless, I am always open to the very selective study of proposals.

Exhibition - François-Mauriac Culture Centre, Bouliac, France
Monday 27 September 2010
A selection of 20 photographies from Waterscape and Dreamscape Reloaded series, from October 2, 2010 to October 4, 2010. Opening Friday 1th, October 2010, 7:30pm.
Exhibition - Malraux museum, Le Havre, France
Wednesday 3 June 2009
"Les nuages, ces merveilleux nuages". Collective exhibition featuring Ansel Adams, Jules Arnold, Eugène Boudin, Brassaï, Walker Evans, Franco Fontana, Michael Kenna, André Kertesz, Paul Haviland, Gustave Le Gray, NASA, Charles Nègre, Denis Olivier, Robert et Shana Parkeharrison, Pierre et Gilles, Bernard Plossu, René-Jacques, Edward Weston. The FRAC Haute-Normandie. From October 10, 2009 to January 24, 2010. Musée Malraux, 76600 LE HAVRE, France, Phone: 02 35 19 62 72.
Exhibition - CIVB, Bordeaux, France
Wednesday 27 May 2009
A selection of 20 photographies from Waterscape and Dreamscape Reloaded series, From May 6, 2009 to May 27, 2009, Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 11:00am to 10:00pm.
Visions Intemporelles
Wednesday 15 October 2008
8Reg'ART Collective with "Galerie De Lumière et de Vent" and "Galerie de la Tour de l'Horloge" in Tourlaville are pleased to announce its exhibition with many invited artists. From October, 25th to November 9th, 2008, Château des Ravalet, 50110 Tourlaville, France.
In the world not so dark of night photography
Tuesday 9 September 2008
Dedicated to photography at night and the 'light painting' (technique of using a flashlight as a brush to achieve traces of light on the image) this evening projection is an invitation to share the experience of photographers working at night, to find out what the camera captures in the dark. Nantes, France, Thursday, September 18, 2008 from 21h - In the courtyard of the Workshop Gallery A.
Monday 7 January 2008
"Un regard sur la Scène Bordelaise". Collective Exhibition. From january 21 to january 25, 2008. Bordeaux, France.
Exhibition in France, june 2007
Friday 1 June 2007
"Contemplation" - 40 photographs. Androne Gallery - La Factorerie - , Saint-Emilion, France, from june 1 to june 24, 2007.
Exhibition base sous-marine of Bordeaux, France, april 2007
Monday 30 April 2007
"Voyage/temps suspendu". 80 photographs. Base Sous-Marine Gallery, Bordeaux, France, from March 30 to April 29, 2007. From tuesday to sunday included, opened 14h to 18h. Tel. 05 56 11 11 50.
European Month of Photography
Monday 30 April 2007
Exhibition for the festival: "Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs 2007, 16th Edition". From sunday, April 01 avril 2007 to sunday April 29, 2007. Bordeaux, France.
Prague Exhibition
Saturday 20 January 2007
Exhibition of 10 photographs for PhotoArt Magazine best authors 2006. Exhibition takes place on January 20nd in Pisecka Brana Gallery, Prague Castle, Czech Republic.
Exhibition: "Time Dimension I"
Tuesday 24 October 2006
Exhibition of 24 photographs. DOLIST.NET Gallery, Pessac-Bordeaux, France. by appointment only. Phone 05 57 262 570. From october 26, 2006 to January 12, 2007. See a pic sample.
Diaporama Festival
Sunday 27 August 2006
In Nantes (France), the second half of September is dedicated to photography. And for an even better reason this year, as will occur at the same time: La Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise who celebrates it’s tenth birthday, The "Congres des gens d’image" and the newcoming festival Diaporama.
Paris Exhibition
Thursday 2 February 2006
Exhibition during "Paris, capital of the creation", at The Queen (102 avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris). 1x1 meter prints will be shown (image 1, image 2, image 3).
Taksu Gallery
Saturday 16 July 2005
"Of people and place" started during the photography month in Malaysia (img1, img2).
Rivaud Gallery
Tuesday 19 June 1990
Solo exhibition