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2020 August 22 / New sales system
Total reconstruction of the online sale system of art prints.
2020 May 18 / New web site
New website, adapted to mobile and tablet terminals, biggest images, more secure, new design and faster display.
2020 February 26 / Judge for the International Salon Daguerre 2020
13th edition of the Salon Daguerre, international photography competition organized by the Photoclub Paris Val-de-Bièvre. It is held under the patronage of FIAP, PSA and FPF.
2014 April 19 / Publication in HACID MAG magazine
In Master of landscapes
2014 April 9 / Publication in Corridor Elephant Magazine
Article and images
2014 March 21 / Google Open Gallery
Selected by Google curators for the Google Open Gallery project. The project is abandoned by Google after a few years of existence.
2014 March 19 / Article & interview for Literary Orphans
A new article along with a very recent interview.
2014 March 10 / Saatchi Gallery
Find my work on on Saatchi online Art Gallery, where you'll be able to order some prints also.
2014 March 7 / My Modern Met article
Just discovered this little article on My Modern Met.
2014 March 5 / Best selling
This the top selling overall, over 70.000+ copies sold worldwide, thank you to you all!
2014 March 5 / Adding comments
Visitors can now add their own online comments on the site.
2013 July 13 / Facebook photography page
Find my photography work and latest information on this Facebook page also.
2011 July 18 / Google+ social network account
You can reach me there, I post some news, updates and information.
2011 January 26 / La Vie Economique Interview
Interview for the french magazine La Vie Economique.
2010 September 27 / Exhibition - François-Mauriac Culture Centre, Bouliac, France
A selection of 20 photographies from Waterscape and Dreamscape Reloaded series, from October 2, 2010 to October 4, 2010. Opening Friday 1th, October 2010, 7:30pm.
2010 April 11 / Collaboration with Nestlé Nespresso
Nestlé Nespresso has introduced the difference Tanzaru Limited Edition 2010. The Dreamspace Reloaded #21 image has been used for the worldwide marketing campaign.
2010 April 10 / New Google Buzz Account
Follow the site's news on Google Buzz.
2010 April 6 / Photographs available in Art&Brand photocollection
Art&Brand PhotoCollection is a gallery of premium photographs, managed rights. Art&Brand offers to their clients (brands and advertising agencies) a selection of photographs which result from long and extensive researches. You will hardly find them anywhere else!
2010 March 21 / New print ordering process
As many of you requested, the print ordering process has been rewritten to be more simple, efficient and clearer concerning available print types. Thank you for your support.
2010 March 13 / New Facebook Account
Back to Facebook with a new account.
2009 December 13 / Reproduction prints now available!
Reproduction print, not stamped, not signed. Prints are unmounted. A unique small price, shipping included. Shipped rolled in an heavy board protected by polystyrene.
2009 December 3 / 2010 Calendar - Dreamspace Reloaded
13 Dreamscape Reloaded in an elegant calendar. Available in the DeviantArt shop, with high 300 dpi quality print.
2009 December 2 / 2010 Calendar - Scenery
13 sceneries in an elegant 2010 calendar. Available in the DeviantArt shop, with high 300 dpi quality print.
2009 June 3 / Exhibition - Malraux museum, Le Havre, France
"Les nuages, ces merveilleux nuages". Collective exhibition featuring Ansel Adams, Jules Arnold, Eugène Boudin, Brassaï, Walker Evans, Franco Fontana, Michael Kenna, André Kertesz, Paul Haviland, Gustave Le Gray, NASA, Charles Nègre, Denis Olivier, Robert et Shana Parkeharrison, Pierre et Gilles, Bernard Plossu, René-Jacques, Edward Weston. The FRAC Haute-Normandie. From October 10, 2009 to January 24, 2010. Musée Malraux, 76600 LE HAVRE, France, Phone: 02 35 19 62 72.
2009 May 27 / Exhibition - CIVB, Bordeaux, France
A selection of 20 photographies from Waterscape and Dreamscape Reloaded series, From May 6, 2009 to May 27, 2009, Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, from 11:00am to 10:00pm.
2009 April 22 / Dreamscape Reloaded for YellowCorner
Find Dreamspace Reloaded #21 - #1172 at YellowKorner. YellowKorner makes art photography accessible to the greatest number of people by exhibiting its works and its artists in more than 100 sales points, inside cultural stores, in France and abroad : Fnac, Virgin, Flammarion, Feltrinelli (Italy), HugenDubel (Germany)…
2009 February 13 / Twitter
Follow the site's news on Twitter.
2008 December 7 / Framed prints now available!
Prints are proposed mounted in frame, available worldwide.
2008 December 7 / Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta 325 paper selection
FineArt Baryta is a paper that sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition. This paper gives the "wow" factor particularly to black and white prints with an extremely high dmax and the finest grey tones. Using barium sulphate in the premium inkjet coating ensures the typical gloss that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional Baryta papers from analogue laboratories. 325 gsm · 100% alpha-Cellulose · bright white high-gloss.
2008 December 4 / Juror for the DataColor World Wide contest "The real colors of my life"
Datacolor and its partners come up with something very special for the snow-white winter time to dispel the winter blues or make the too rich Christmas goose forget: Show colors, get published & win!
2008 November 30 / 2009 Calendar - Waterscapes
13 waterscapes in an elegant 2009 calendar. Available in the DeviantArt shop, with high 300 dpi quality print.
2008 October 15 / Visions Intemporelles
8Reg'ART Collective with "Galerie De Lumière et de Vent" and "Galerie de la Tour de l'Horloge" in Tourlaville are pleased to announce its exhibition with many invited artists. From October, 25th to November 9th, 2008, Château des Ravalet, 50110 Tourlaville, France.
2008 September 22 / 2009 Calendar - Dreamscape Reloaded
13 Dreamscape Reloaded in an elegant 2009 calendar. Available in the DeviantArt shop, with high 300 dpi quality print.
2008 September 9 / In the world not so dark of night photography
Dedicated to photography at night and the 'light painting' (technique of using a flashlight as a brush to achieve traces of light on the image) this evening projection is an invitation to share the experience of photographers working at night, to find out what the camera captures in the dark. Nantes, France, Thursday, September 18, 2008 from 21h - In the courtyard of the Workshop Gallery A.
2008 September 1 / Interview for ND Magazine
For Neutral Density Magazine by Marcin Stawiarz.
2008 July 25 / Working with Art Group
The Art Group is the largest art publishing company of its type in the world. Their no compromising standards for selecting artwork and designing products have given them an unrivalled reputation in the art market. They work with the best retailers worldwide and with many of the world’s leading museums and galleries.
2008 June 29 / Published in Yellow Corner
The photographs presented by Yellow Korner are selected by an artistic committee presided over by Elisabeth Nora (buyer for the European House of Photography and editor-in-chief of the magazine L’Insensé) and charged to find young hopefuls and to valorize the work of more confirmed artists, all in guaranteeing a unity of the demands in the definition of her collection.
2008 June 27 / Site in French
The interface is now available in English and Frenchlanguages.
2008 May 20 / Cooperation with Datacolor
Datacolor's ColorVision technology provides affordable, easy-to-use digital color control products for creative experts, photographers, corporate customers and consumers everywhere.
2008 April 1 / Collaboration with IKEA stores
A worldwide collaboration with IKEA stores will be performed for the next 5 years.
2008 April 1 / Partnership with Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH
Some photographies will be used for promotional campaigns, as well as continuous support and testing for new fine-art print papers.
2008 April 1 / Merchandising store
You'll find here non signed postcards, posters, calendars, canvas, mugs and much more prints at different sizes, formats and types for lower prices.
2008 March 10 / Interview for Bulb Magazine
"Denis Olivier is our special guest in this month’s interview section, who is known to most as the founder of “Art limited Net” and as an author who successfully merges digital and analogue techniques."
2008 February 5 / New Permajet Delta Matt Fibre 271 available
An ultra smooth, bright white paper of 271gsm, with a feel and appearance of a traditional double-weight fibre based paper. It has a high gamut volume with Ultrachrome inks and emits a low level of metamerism making it the ultimate media for Monochrome images. No optical brighteners are used thus giving extra stability.
2008 January 7 / New website design
The layout has been rebuilt for a most effective experience.
2008 January 7 / POP'ART
"Un regard sur la Scène Bordelaise". Collective Exhibition. From january 21 to january 25, 2008. Bordeaux, France.
2007 November 27 / 2008 Calendar
13 photographs from 2007 in an elegant 2008 calendar. Available in the DeviantArt shop, with high 300 dpi quality print.
2007 August 26 / Site modifications
The site structure has been changed and some photographs removed.
2007 June 1 / Exhibition in France, june 2007
"Contemplation" - 40 photographs. Androne Gallery - La Factorerie - , Saint-Emilion, France, from june 1 to june 24, 2007.
2007 May 13 / Print purchasing process rebuilt
The print purchasing process has been rebuilt to fit customers requests. New French language added, unique order ID, HTML order review with photograph image message sent.
2007 May 13 / Iberian Peninsula
New "Iberian Peninsula" published series.
2007 April 30 / Exhibition base sous-marine of Bordeaux, France, april 2007
"Voyage/temps suspendu". 80 photographs. Base Sous-Marine Gallery, Bordeaux, France, from March 30 to April 29, 2007. From tuesday to sunday included, opened 14h to 18h. Tel. 05 56 11 11 50.
2007 April 30 / European Month of Photography
Exhibition for the festival: "Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs 2007, 16th Edition". From sunday, April 01 avril 2007 to sunday April 29, 2007. Bordeaux, France.
2007 April 22 / Internaute Magazine Interview (FR)
Interview for the famous online magazine. Exclusively in french.
2007 March 26 / Basics Photography: Lighting (EN)
Cooperation for "Basics Photography: Lighting" by David Präkel. The Basics Photography series is aimed at both photography and design students, as well as anyone with an interest in photography, this series will provide the reader with a comprehensive reference tool.
2007 March 3 / Close cooperation with Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH
The Art of Expression since 1584. Only a few companies can proudly look back on such a long, uninterrupted tradition. Founded in 1584, Hahnemühle is the oldest German papermakers manufacturing papers for traditional and digital artists. Since the founding of the company more than 400 years ago a forward-looking attitude has formed the basis for continuous growth and the innovative strength of the company. Close cooperation enables speedy transformation of research results into new products.
2007 January 20 / Prague Exhibition
Exhibition of 10 photographs for PhotoArt Magazine best authors 2006. Exhibition takes place on January 20nd in Pisecka Brana Gallery, Prague Castle, Czech Republic.
2006 November 20 / 2007 Calendar
13 photographs from 2006 in an elegant calendar porfolio.
2006 November 11 / Photo Magazine (RO)
Interview with photographies for Photo Magazine romanian publication.
2006 November 2 / KROMA magazine (SP)
Interview with photographies for Art and Culture KROMA Online spanish Magazine..
2006 October 24 / Exhibition: "Time Dimension I"
Exhibition of 24 photographs. DOLIST.NET Gallery, Pessac-Bordeaux, France. by appointment only. Phone 05 57 262 570. From october 26, 2006 to January 12, 2007. See a pic sample.
2006 October 3 / Transindex ART
Invitation for a publication for the Hungarian portal in Romania.
2006 September 30 / Vis A Vis International Contest
Winner of the september 2006 contest.
2006 September 10 / ActuPhoto Interview
New entry as photographer to be discovered.
2006 September 9 / News RSS Feed available
This RSS feed will allow you to follow each news and events from the site. Read more...
2006 August 27 / Diaporama Festival
In Nantes (France), the second half of September is dedicated to photography. And for an even better reason this year, as will occur at the same time: La Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise who celebrates it’s tenth birthday, The "Congres des gens d’image" and the newcoming festival Diaporama.
2006 August 20 / RSS Feed available
The RSS feed will allow you to follow each new photograph released on the site. Read more...
2006 August 13 / Bassens Harbour
New "Bassens Harbour" published series.
2006 July 27 / New prestige prints available
New fine-art prints process, with high class paper quality and archival specification for collectors and high protection UPS tracked shipping.
2006 July 26 / PhotoArt Interview
Interview for PhotoArt (Czech) in august 2006 issue.
2006 July 15 / New photograph e-mail notification
Added e-mail notification each time a new photograph is added to the site.
2006 June 30 / Micro-Photo-Vidéo Interview
Interview from Micro-Photo-Vidéo (France).
2006 June 15 / Lastest additions ordering
Added "lastest additions" menu ordering, different from chronological one.
2006 May 10 / Entre-vu Interview
Interview for Bazooka Mandarine (Entre-vu) webzine (french).
2006 April 28 / United-Kingdom
New published series, from England, Wales and Scotland.
2006 March 9 / Award on
"Diving Pier" image has been awarded the Staff's Choice Award on
2006 February 13 / Naïve Production
CD covers for Synchronisation and samplers.
2006 February 2 / Paris Exhibition
Exhibition during "Paris, capital of the creation", at The Queen (102 avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris). 1x1 meter prints will be shown (image 1, image 2, image 3).
2006 January 15 / Winter Life
New published serie, during a christmas day walk.
2006 January 2 / Ghost Opera
New published serie, from various ballets and operas.
2005 December 21 / WebPhotoMag interviews online
2 interviews in French and English from WebPhotoMag Online Magazine CEO, Jérôme Muffat-Méridol.
2005 December 4 / Art Limited - International Gallery
An artist community for photographers, painters, drawers and models. We are all involved in our creations. If the quality of your work is recognized and original, join us!
2005 December 3 / mooncruise* December Issue 24
FEATURING photography and music by internationl artists. PHOTOGRAPHY by: Corrade Dalcò, Denis Olivier, Jon-Paul Mountford, Trevor Brady, Hamid Sallali, Jean-Clément Turblin, Katja Chernova, Michal Podobycko, Paul Paper, Philip Ullrich, Tomasz Piechel MUSIC by: vitaminsforyou.
2005 December 3 / WebPhotoMag
"The online magazine about photographs, not cameras". Featuring Time Dimension by Denis Olivier, Shots from Another City by Andrew P. Brooks, Cyprus Panorama by Michael Eleftheriades, Liquid Sculpture by Martin Waugh.
2005 October 5 / Visitors' interview
I replied from time to time to various similar questions from visitors.
2005 September 27 / Virtual exhibition gallery
Photographies can be seen into a smart horizontal exhibition gallery.
2005 September 26 / Order prints directly from the site
You can now order prints and pay directly from the site.
2005 September 25 / Cement factory
This cement factory near the Garonne river is abandoned and was demolished 2 weeks after these photographies.
2005 August 22 / Brittany
One week in Brittany country.
A beautiful place for moody landscape, with legends, old stories from land and ocean.
2005 July 16 / Taksu Gallery
"Of people and place" started during the photography month in Malaysia (img1, img2).
2005 June 20 / Smurfit Factory
New series published, from the Smurfit Factory in Facture, France.
The dark industrial power against the white soft cooling vapor smoke.
2003 November 30 / Visit Preface
New virtual gallery PREFACE. Photographers choose 10 photographies and explains
their feeling and why they decide to publish them.
2000 July 10 / Film and paper darkroom process
This film and paper darkroom workflow was created after a discussion in 1996 with Philippe Salaün, who made Robert Doisneau prints at this time. It is currently only in french.
1990 June 19 / Rivaud Gallery
Solo exhibition