Concentration dilution calculation

The most common notation for the concentration of a photographic chemical product to be diluted is P1+P2 or P1:P2. P1 refers to the chemical, usually noted as 1 (for 1 part), and P2 to the water needed to make up the expected final volume. In the case of 3 parts P1+P2+P3, P3 would be water, for example.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (facultative)
Total volume
of product for of water. Final concentration is %.
of product 1 (concentration %), of product 2 (concentration %), for of water.

Calculating volumes to arrive at a concentration

Some photographic products are sold with an initial concentration and need to be diluted to obtain a certain final concentration. These concentrations are most often noted as percentages.
% initial product concentration
% final solution concentration
Total volume
Use of product.
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