What feelings and sensations run through the body and mind as soon as we travel far from home, out of our comfort zone and our daily landmarks, also leaving behind us our organized life, our imperious and routine obligations.
Whether the reason is familial, professional or personal, this translation towards the point of arrival, often conducive to long moments of inaction, often remains slow and silent, very contemplative.
The obligation to follow the path, imposed by the limits of the borders, respecting the rules of transportation and security, forces to comply, not to be noticed.
At the destination, the discovery of an unknown place, disturbed by jet lag and fatigue of the journey, the lack of knowledge of rules and laws, often disorientates, leaving room for lack and loneliness.
Nevertheless, it exacerbates our senses, delivering an excitement conducive to survival, prompting us to seek new points of reference for inner balance, even if it means forging a new identity during the time of distance.